Micro-Training Webinars


Teams not hitting quota? Remote sales force having a tough time with accountability? Not too sure who to call, when to call or how to close over zoom? What you need is a micro-seminar to refocus the team.

Micro-Seminars are short and sweet and when lead correctly, can give a sales team a jump start to the day.

Try a 30-minute jump start before or right after your Monday morning sales meeting. Bringing someone in from the outside (Zoom/Microsoft Teams) to throw a few new ideas and techniques to the team can motivate them for the day.

Micro-Training doesn’t have to be high-level strategy.  They could be a few examples of big wins from other companies. As long as it’s short, to the point and fun, the teams will listen and appreciate the fact that you engaged outside support to help them.

Crazy uncertain times require new and different ways of managing your teams. Help them finish strong in 2020 and position them for a great start to 2021!  Contact Us to learn more.