The Difference is Experience

With over 30 years of infield experience and the experience of training over 25,000 employees, WBG brings real-life examples and knows first-hand the traps to watch out for in sales and what tools actually work for successful training and development.

Methodology is great to discuss, but real-life experience will always take your company further down the road. We have developed and deployed training for small, privately-owned companies to Fortune 500 companies and have the ability to customize training for client’s specific needs.

WBG brings experience from success at all levels whether exceeding attainment as reps to successfully leading teams to win trips and make money! This success was attained at the following companies; Lanier Worldwide, Ricoh Business Systems, Baxter Healthcare, Konica Minolta, Fenwal, Inc.

Like all great salespeople, the plaques and the accolades are great for motivation, but WBG will help your organization pay for those plaques, trips and help your teams with positive bottom-line results.

Tracy continues to mentor my sales teams. His training was direct, full of energy and passion for what he was delivering to the team.
General Manager

The FTTS Model®

We use our own “FTTS” model when we partner with clients to help develop employees. We find and hire them, train them and transition the employee into your organization. The final touch is our support program that helps to ensure the new employee retains everything they need to remain a successful employee.


FAQs about WBG

How long does the process take?
All companies are different, but the general goal is usually the same. We want to be better, make more money and retain our superstars. The good news is our process works.

What level of experience do we need to have to work with WBG?
None. Some of our higher-level strategic modules need experience. But we typically customize all client training, so everyone can participate

How soon can I begin working with WBG?
Please reach out as soon as you can, WBG schedules trainings and customized modules 3-6 months in advance.

I have a question about one of the courses that isn’t answered here – can I get in contact with WBG?
Absolutely! Simply fill out the contact form.

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